White Sand.  This is what I am calling a neat circuit I hodge-podged from several ideas on the web, as well as my own explorative interest in the CMOS 4093 Quad NAND gate schmitt trigger.  This is a pretty dirty distortion using an amplified signal via a JRC386 fed into  a CMOS CD4093 schmitt trigger.  The input signal is essentially converted to a square wave and there is pulse width control over the duty cycle of that square wave...There is also an output stage through a TL082 with a lot of gain.  An additional 4093 schmitt trigger was used to create an LFO (and the pulse width control) which modulates the pulse width of the newly squared signal.  

There are 4 of these available at the moment.  Hand made on perf board.  That being said, the graphics are an almost total FAIL, but this is how you learn sometimes.  I used Minwax- clear coat (water based - DOH' !!)  on top of ink jet printed sticker paper that was not 'sealed' by a clear coat of its own.. and thus chaos ensued as I painted on the clear coat and watched bits of sticker wipe away.  then the baking of the pedal wreaked more havoc and bubbled the stickers.. double-DOH.


I love the concept of A/B boxes and being able to have multiple loops of effects switched in and out of the signal path.  This was a custom build.  The request was to have control over the volume in the true bypass path but not the send/return path.  

And another BYOC build, This is a clone of the Univox Super-Fuzz built for Myles Matheny of The Drums / Violens I added the additional modification of voltage starve pot.  Somewhat useful, I feel this pedal is fuzzy and squishy enough as it is without the need for simulating a dying battery.  I choose these PCBs often for one off custom builds, as they are of really high quality and are often the simplest solution to a clone of a vintage pedal. 

Another 'Build Your Own Clone'.  This one is the OD855 Ibanez Tube Screamer.  

fuzz pedal for Sander Travisano of The Mercury Program

Custom delay pedal prototype, began loosely based on the Rebote.  Still evolving.

custom fuzz pedal for James Glayat of As Friends Rust based on a schematic drawing from Tony Balls

clone of the Dallas Rangemaster.  A one off treble booster build.  

Custom dual Tube Screamer clone via Build Your Own Clone.  Built for Jeff Moore of Brooklyn based

Dead Stars

Custom switch box for Jimmy Lavalle of The Album Leaf


This was a custom mute switch made for Geoff Kraly, a Brooklyn based bass player / synthesist.