dlb electronics is the personal website and electronic device archive of artist and musician David LeBleu. 

I have been playing drums and other instruments for almost 25 years having recorded, written, and performed on numerous records for many artists as well as my own work.  My recent passion for finding out about the inner workings of electronic instruments has stemmed from my history as an artist making electronic music, mainly operating under the moniker Textual since 2000.  I have been studying electronics since 2008 when I stumbled across a video on YouTube of a circuit bent instrument.  This sparked an intense passion for the art of bending, and also introduced to me the world of music synthesizers in their simplest form.  Circuit Bending is the hacking, or electronic modifying of consumer electronic toys, or devices for the purpose of making a new musical instrument, or medium.  Although I am still fascinated by bent and modified old keyboards and toys, my focus shifted to building synthesizers from the ground up upon discovering modular synthesis.  

What is a modular synthesizer?  it is essentially several individual modules that either generate or modify electronic voltages of variable strengths that are then connected together with patch cables to create a 'patch'.  These modules can then be combined into one or more common audio outputs to produce an almost infinite palette of sound.  The idea that one could sculpt sounds from a series of modules without the use of a keyboard really struck me as a fascinating way to make music and interact with this machine, in a collaborative way.  The Idea that the modular synthesizer could be set up and essentially play a tune all by itself and then interacted with on many levels really struck me as an amazing thing.  Since this realization I have been steadily working on the building of my own synthesizers as well as one off devices for people by request and commission.